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Happy Weekend everyone, remember in yesterday’s post I promised outfits made of basics. Well from the 20 must haves I listed yesterday, I put together 20 different outfits proving that if you have your basics you will always have something to wear.

First a quick recap of the 20 basics.Closet Must Haves Part 1

1) Button down shirt, 2) plain t-shirt, 3) Chambray shirt, 4) Blazer, 5) blue jeans,  6) little black/white dress, 7) Tank,  8) Strappy sandals, 9) leather flats, 10) Watch

Closet Must Haves Part 2

11) black pumps, 12)  pencil skirt, 13)  leather bag, 14) small bag , 15) flat shoes, 16) Wedge sandals,  18) Denim jacket, 19) white/black fitted jeans, 20) Sunglasses

 20 Outfits


Mexican Print
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