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Happy Easter everyone! Today is a big day because I can shop again. I did it! I went 40 days without buying a single item.

  • A must read for all bloggers here.
  • talking about beauty on GaranceDore, my favorite post of the week.
  • I love Alexander Wang, his clothes, shoes, bags are amazing I have yet to see something he made that I didn’t like sigh…now if only they would go on a really big sale. And isn’t he the cutest?
  • I died and went to Chanel bag HEAVEN!
  • Ok, this is the most CONTROVERSIAL post I’ve read all week, so bloggers and readers I would love to have your input on this. My dad is a small business owner, and his business provided for our family 100%. Long before blogging I was a reader, if someone has a particular skill and can create amazing content that keeps me coming back, I’m fine with them getting compensated for their hard work. Me personally I wasn’t offended by Maegan’s post but based on certain comments on Facebook I realized that a few people were. I love that Maegan stood up to the haters, I love an outspoken girl. Please share your thoughts.
  • As much as I love to wear colors, white is really my favorite color and I love white interiors. Check these out here, here and here.
  • I really need to step up my workout gear game, love the pastels. Do you know where I can find cute workout clothes at fair prices?
  • I love lace up booties and these are KILLER and so is the price :/
  • I made this yesterday SO YUMMY!

  • This made laughed out loud. Go enjoy your Easter!

Image via The Working Girl


A Little Neon
Stars & Sequins
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