Welcome to my new blog series named “Liens que J’aime” (translates : Links I Love). I’ve been wanting to different types of posts but I wanted to get a bit more comfortable with this blogging thing. I choose a french name because French is actually my first language, and figured it would sound “fancier” in French. Next week, I will start another one called “how do you?” I am an information junkie, I stalk a gazillions bloggers so I figures that would be my way of sharing my favorite links. I will cover all subjects from DIY, recipes, memes, nail art etc… You name it, if I love it, I will share it! So let’s do this…


image via TheGlitterGuide

  • Let’s start with a clever DIY Courtney from Girl Avant Garde did to differentiate her iPhone charger from her bf’s. Check it out here.
  • I love J.Crew so I was so excited to see this behind the scene video about their shoes “I LOVE IT”. Find it here.
  • Check out this awesome “Peanut Butter & Banana Quinoa Bites with Chocolate Chips” recipe by Kate. I made it Friday and it is the BOMB!
  • Do you know what a canned response is? Well get ready to save 2-5 years of your life. Thanks Meg! How to create canned respond in Gmail.
  • This really made laugh out loud “don’t mind me, I’m just stupid lol”.

Happy Sunday!

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