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Happy Thirsty Thursday!  If you like cute details as much as I do, and one of my favorites are BOWS. Some might think it’s juvenile, but I’m a girl and a very girlie one. This post is mainly inspired by my love affair with Valentino.


Let’s go back a few years from now, growing up in Haiti during the summertime I was mostly stayed home, reading and watching TV. Thankfully our cable company delivered both European and American channels, which is how I was able to learn English mostly by watching television. And oddly enough we had Fashion-TV (this is basically a channel who’s sole focus is fashion, they featured fashion shows/events all day long). So I was quickly captivated by the glitz and glamour of this world that I felt like I had no access to. But after a few months, I could look at a dress and tell you exactly who the designer was. And I was 95% of the time  correct about Valentino’s and Chanel’s designs because they appealed  to me the most. I can remember like yesterday watching that Valentino “THE LAST EMPEROR” Haute Couture show where all the models wore that iconic red dress at the end, and fashion has always been for a great way to escape.


Kate Spade is also really great with those bow details, I also get my fix by shopping at ASOS without breaking the bank.

So does J.Crew. Please pass me the Gatorade.





Peplum & Animal Print
Sunshine & Blue Skies
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