Workflow - Print & Cobalt
Friday Night Fever - Peplum & Animal Print
South Florida is a very special place, you will meet the flashiest and most laid-back people there ever. Since we inherit that island/carribbean weather, it’s not always easy to wear Fall clothing even in October. I know I mostly post work outfits, but on weekends I love to wear the rest of my closet that is not so work appropriate. Above I picked out a few pieces that I currently have (or look alike) in my closet. And below a few ideas on how I pair them.
I love print jeans and peplum, the peplum shape is my favortie trend by far and I think I might keep it even after it fades out.
I love a cute skater skirt, because it is comfy and make you look dressed up and girly all at the same time.
The bandage dress, I have about 8 of  these babies, this definitely a  South Florida.
I am a sucker for a little white dress, and for Fall I pair mine with a denim or leather vest and cute flats.

laidback weekend

The cut-off shorts, that’s another South Florida staple I live in them during the summertime.



Workflow - Print & Cobalt
Friday Night Fever - Peplum & Animal Print
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