Deer Belly & Peter Pan Vest
October Haul - Newbies in my Closet


Salut a tous, hope you had a great weekend. This weekend I did something I have not done in a while, I turned down all invitations. I just wanted to have a plan free weekend to relax and have some ME time. It was me, my bed and my laptop, I did indulged in some shopping and I slept late both Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and clear your head.

Needless to say I was in my pjs most of the time, when I did go out I wore this little white dress. I have to enjoy the nice weather as we might have our first cold front in South Florida. I named this post “50  shades of green” because from my vest to my sandals none of these hues of green are really the same. I don’t always like to be all “match-y match-y”. And for all of you that are in Sandy’s path please be safe. Thank you for reading.

vest (sold out) – Love Culture (similar here and here)
necklace – CCO
rings – Forever 21
bracelets – Forever 21 & ASOS
Dress (sold out) – Macy’s (similar here)
Sandals – Fibi & Clo
purse – H&M
polish – Chanel “May”

by the way this my 101th posts. So happy I made it this far, and thank you for all your sweet and supportive comments.




Deer Belly & Peter Pan Vest
October Haul - Newbies in my Closet
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