Funday - Prints & Sunshine Short
Workflow - Color Blocking & Peplum

Hello everyone! Hope you had fun and enjoyed this extended weekend. I went to the beach and decided to snap a few pics of me in my bathing suit and cover-up. I also have some amazing news, if you check my url “wordpress” is no longer part of it. I decided to do this all the way, and now my blog is self hosted. I was up until 2 am on Sunday to make the changes and woke up at 6 the next day to finalize everything. I hope you guys like the new site, but unfortunately I lost my WordPress and Bloglovin’ followers. If you are reading this please follow me back.

Now back to my beach attire, my bathing suit both top and bottom are from ASOS. My cover is by NastyGal,  flip-flops by Cole Haan, my sunnies are thrift-ed.


The pics above are before heading to the beach, the rest are the ones taken at the beach with my iPhone. I changed my sunglasses because I didn’t want the previous ones to get wet.

My blue tootsies

A not so cute one lol




Funday - Prints & Sunshine Short
Workflow - Color Blocking & Peplum
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