Back to Basics!!!

I love love love watches, yup I had to put 3 loves. My only problem is that I am obsessed with the gold Rolex that I unfortunately cannot afford.

Sigh…. isn’t it pretty?

But thank goodness for brands like Michael Kors,  Armitron, Geneva, Fossil and Anne Klein. Now I can have a very expensive looking watch for 1/500 of the price of the gold Rolex (I think?). Every woman should own at least two watches, a gold and a silver, or an everyday one and a dressy one.

 If you already own the basics now it’s time to go crazy with the white ceramic, tortoise and horn ones.  I am not too crazy about leather bracelets, I like my watch to have a little bit more sparkle to it, but some are very pretty and classy.

So for the best prices I would recommend, or the outlet stores like nordstrom, they often have very good deals. Enjoy!!!!



Back to Basics!!!
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