Sittin' Pretty in Plaid & Lace
Houndstooth & Oxblood

Hello everyone, I am still going through some old outfits. This is a casual Friday outfit that I wore when it was tad cooler in SFL. Now I feel like I’m back to summertime I don’t even need to wear a cardigan or jacket. I’m telling you South Florida’s weather is truly bipolar.

I love these boots and when it gets cold I always take them out for a spin. They mean so much to me because I saved a lot to buy them and at that time I was a college student with a part-time job. They are an old season pair but every year Cole Haan makes amazing Equestrian-like boots. The leather is so soft, I cannot tell you how many people actually pet my boots.


shirt (old) – JC Penney “Arizona” (similar)
sweater (sold out) – J.Crew (similar)
jeans – Express
sunnies – GAP (similar)
boots – Cole Haan (similar here and here)
rhinestone necklace – CCO
watch (gifted) – Tag Hueur (similar)
Sittin' Pretty in Plaid & Lace
Houndstooth & Oxblood
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