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Hello everyone, I have not done an haul in a while so here you go.

When I first saw this J.Crew skirt, I just walked away. But I found myself thinking about it again and again so this weekend I gave in and now it’s mine.

Thank you Old Navy for having this awesomeness for only $19.

This find is the greatest one so far because I fell for it the very first time I saw it, but didn’t quite like the price tag, but this weekend I snatched it at over 75% off. I love Rachel Roy. I can’t find it online, but do check your local Macy’s

I hesitated to use Sole Society but I’m very happy I did, because I’m loving these heels. I missed out on the Zara ones, but these are superb.

Peplum and Oxblood in one garment, do I need to say anything else? I couldn’t find it online but they are by Loft.

When I saw this on Lauren Conrad social site, I went the Kohls and purchased this adorable top.

Macy’s really have the most amazing sales, I got these lucky brands jeans for over 75%. I’m happy I waited to purchase my first snake print jeans.

Don’t get me wrong, I love luxury items. But jewels like this will make me always shop at Forever 21.

How do you like my finds?



50 Shades of Green
Pink Schoolgirl
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