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In case you haven’t heard (must be living under a rock); last Friday was the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  But what I want to ask is: “Was I the only one who was obsessed (still is a little bit) about the magical event that took place?”  Please let me know, because my sister couldn’t seem to understand why I was so captivated by everything and anything that had to do with the Royal Wedding.  Maybe she was right just a bit but come on, be honest and tell me that it wasn’t fascinating that a commoner met her “prince charming”, they both fell in love and got married simply because of their love for one another.  I mean their story in itself is the kind that you read in novels and not in the news.  I think that if love has a look then it should be this one.

We can all agree that the wedding ceremony was magical (right?) and all, but let me reveal (to my sister) that I was awestruck by all the fashion and it was a bliss to watch (for the most part).   I was pleasantly surprised when Catherine Middleton stepped out of the car in this delightfully elegant gown designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

Her gown was a custom long sleeve lace appliqué dress, high-waisted, full-skirted silhouette with a long, dramatic train, silk tulle sheer veil and Cartier “halo” tiara.  The intricate gown was truly one made for a deserving princess bride.  Of course I expected her to look simply perfect and I must say that she did not disappoint me (or I should say Sarah Burton); after all she was marrying the grandson of the Queen of England (who would want to upset her? Not me!)

                      Oh wait! Did you see her second gown?

Oh my goodness!!!! When will I be a princess?  Where is my prince charming? I’m soo jealous.

But let’s get to the good stuff and gossip about what the rest of the lucky guests delivered.  Let’s get to the good, the bad and, the ugly (oh yes!!!! There were plenty of those).  Let’s start with the Queen of England; she’s always in age-appropriate attire and I mean for her age I don’t think there are too many options out there, but was I the only one who noticed her shoes?

Coooome on now Queen Elizabeth!!!!  Those shoes were hideous. Period! You are the Queen of England for God’s sake, so why wear the ugliest shoes when you can but whichever pair you want; and I have a feeling that money is no object.  I know at this age comfort is primordial but those shoes were truly dreadful and her stylist should be given a “record of coaching” for dressing the Queen with inappropriate shoes when she is being watched by only about 2 billion viewers worldwide.

As the guests were arriving to the Westminster Abbey, one particularly caught my attention and thought “Hmmm, I did not know that Lady Gaga was invited”.  It wasn’t until the commenter identified her as Princess Beatrice of York, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sara Ferguson that I had come to the realization that it was not the queen of pop and that the person was a princess.  Her hat looked like it came out of a magician wardrobe.  I mean her hat, it was so weird, I can’t believe, so out there… It was just a very strange hat (designed by Phillip Tracey).

A Facebook page ridiculing the princess’s poor choice of hat was created and boy, that page with the hundreds of thousands fans, had posted comments that weren’t (let’s just say) so sweet.  Had she not have made such poor choice of hat, she could have been one of the best dressed.  Her Valentino Couture outfit was just impeccable; it had intricate design, yet was simple and chic.  Well next time Lady Gaga, oops I’m sorry Princess Beatrice, choose a better hat.

And since we’re talking about Princess Beatrice, we MUST mention her sister, Princess Eugenie of York.  Ohhh Lord!!!!! LOL  Seriously???

One word: Unpolished!  Although her hat was not as strange as her sister’s, but what in the world is going with her skirt.  Maybe she did not have a full length mirror and could not see that her skirt was ill-fitted, unrefined, wrinkle, and simply wrong.  I still cannot understand what is going on with the hem of the skirt. Designed by Vivienne Westwood, Princess Eugenie’s outfit “surprisingly”did not make the “Fashion Police” best dressed. At least her hat was not as much of an eye-sore as her sister’s.

Another bad one for me was Victoria Beckham (of all people).  With a tent like black dress, she looked like she was attending a funeral and not the wedding of the century.  Known for being a fashion icon, Victoria Beckham‘s dress was plain ugly and very disappointing.

Color: wrong- Dress: unflattering.  At least she always managed to rock the best accessory, her Hot! Hot!  Hot! hubby David Beckham.

What about Princess Anne?  Am I the only one who thought that she had borrowed the Queen’s drapes to make her flowery coat? Hmmm…Leave you to wander.

Another bad one was Prince Harry’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy, who wore a custom made Alberta Ferretti bias-cut satin dress.

The dress was very unattractive and ill-fitted.  When you think that she has the potential to be married to the spare heir, you think she could have done better with the selection of her outfit? She looked matronly and her hair was a mess. Whatever the cost of the outfit, she was ripped off.

I still can’t stop laughing whenever I see this picture

LOLLLLLL Really? WOW!!!!!!! She is Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, wife of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.  She opted for this ridiculous looking forties-style glamour in a polka dot layered dress, elbow length black leather gloves and ridiculous hat. Let’s just say that certain people have a bizarre sense of style.

Okay! Enough with the crazy stuffs and on to the good ones!

Who’s that lady?

Her name is Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, a well-known English socialite.  She wore eye-popping cobalt blue head to toe. She was groomed to perfection with her dress matching her hat, gloves, and clutch.  She looked (in my opinion) stunning and loved loved loved her outfit.  She exudes confidence and I think this is what you wear when you’re invited to a Royal Wedding. She gets A+.

Another favorite was Pippa Middleton, the princess bride’s sister dress also her maid of honor.  It was simple yet exquisite.  It was a true example of “less is more”.  She looked so sophisticated, elegant, and graceful.  I was a bit surprised though of the color choice, but later found out that according to British customs, bridesmaids always wear white. The ivory satin- based crepe dress, designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, had covered buttons down the back to echo Catherine’s own gown and a cowl neck, and was simply perfect.

Last but not least (I know I’ve been rumbling quite a bit now),

Her name is Lady Frederick Windsor and she looked AMAZING.  She wore a navy-blue silk dress that fitted like a glove.  Her co-coordinating coat, in a gloss/opaque checkered silk jacquard also fitted like a dream. Custom made by Giorgio Armani’s Privé collection especially for the big occasion, her ensemble was simply stunning. Finally a hat that I would wear!  She looked spectacular from head to toe and everything was on point and impeccable. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! The perks of being a royalty!!!  

The Royal Wedding delivered Royal Fashion and Style.  Until I meet my prince charming or Prince Harry (move over Chelsy ) and live/dress like a royalty, I would have to settle for the “oohhhs” , the “ahhhhs” and the “oh nooos” of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Pictures are from Website of the Telegraph Media Group and Harper’s Bazaar


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